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Global Alternative Investments

December 9, 2021

The precious metals' (PM) secular bull market began in 2001, while its resumption commenced in January 2016 with the most recent cyclical bull market. Time cycle lows at the end of 2019 would usher in dramatic accelerations higher for the precious metals in the 2020 and beyond.

High-yielding PM option writing programs exist at this time when investors are in desperate search of returns in today's increasingly inflationary environment.

Today's inordinate PM index option premiums can be used to achieve extraordinarily low risk:reward strategies, with a view to achieving uncommon annualized profits, while simultaneously lowering risk in owning PM equities due to those same premium levels.

New York is presently stretched to unsustainable levels long term, based on ALL major measures, whether fundamental, technical, and quantitative or valuation.

With gold and silver poised to dramatically outperform most asset classes, tailor-made strategies which benefit from the PMs' deep and long term asymmetric returns versus equities, may offer dramatic and efficient portfolio volatility reduction or windfall profit opportunities.

The preferred currency denomination of any structured investment solution aims to maximize returns and lower time premiums, as it remains the fluid variable within any investment strategy during the ongoing QE wars that, in the bigger picture, devalue ALL fiat exchange, the inversely-related PMs being the exception.

Sid Klein's strategies aim to minimize portfolio risk relative to maximal leverage, benefitting from 39 years' of experience and knowledge, by factoring-in all global market and quantitative inputs.

To best tailor-make investment solutions that most efficiently reduce portfolio volatility, and/or maximize profit potential, Sid Klein benefits from a skill-set that includes macro financial, economic and political analyses, coupled with extensive experience in quantitative time premium assessment.

A collapse from global equity peaks would be consistent with the fundamentals of a secular precious metals bull market that will have been supported by currency devaluations and historically high bond prices which, together, provide investors scant global long-only alternatives.

Hence the need to tailor portfolio solutions into what the investor chooses and needs to invest, either to smooth portfolio volatility (hedge), or perhaps aim for windfall profits by seizing upon today's historic time premium levels; though today's levels are higher lows, they are historically cheap nonetheless.

The foregoing, then, is, as much as anything, a cautioning to investors as regards what is required to achieve one's clearly defined goals.

Considering that Sid Klein possesses one of the most successful publicly verifiable long term track records of timing and analysis within the context of broad coverage of the major global markets and asset classes, and given today's extreme market conditions, timely consultation tailored to the investor's specific portfolio needs could prove timely.

"The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision."- Helen Keller

To review past written work, the Past Reports and Major Turning Points pages each contain 4 subfolders: New York, Precious Metals, Japan/Shanghai, and Currencies. Past reports date from November 2001 to the present. Post-2007 letters appear in one or more of the asset class/market subfolders.

"Kudos for Sid Klein who has demonstrated par excellence understanding of the gold market."
Dr. Vronsky

"Sid tracks Tokyo more obsessively than most on this side of the Pacific...and it shows in his calls."
Kathryn M. Welling Welling on Wall Street

"Sid Klein has an excellent handle on the Japanese stock market."
Robert Prechter The Elliott Wave Theorist

"I know of no other service that has consistently forecast and timed the precious metals with such precision. Nor any writer who has analyzed the major Eastern and Western indices and equity themes with such acumen since 2000. So, we're asset allocators who read SKGS."
Regent Wealth Management Top 100 Advisors Worth Magazine - 2006

"When I was writing the International Trader column, a weekly musing on non-U.S. bourses that I created and launched in BARRON'S in February 1978, I found Sid Klein's comments on doings in Tokyo to be both informative and prescient. To refresh your memory, the Nikkei-225 index closed at its all-time high on the last trading day of 1989. Early in 1990, Sid correctly insisted that the top was in. It was. Years later, he also called the bottom in Tokyo, and urged his clients to start buying again. After retiring in March 2000, I became very interested in gold and gold stocks. I still am. Sid also follows this sector and believes it's in a secular bull market. My agreement is another reason to read."
Peter C. Dubois

"In the first quarter of 2000, Mr. Sid Klein advised me to trade-in my New Economy stocks for Japanese domestic value equities; no one has ever given me more timely advice."
William B. Horovitz Trade Commissioner, (Retired) Industry Canada, International Trade Centre,


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