About Sid Klein


Over his 40-year career in the investment industry, Sid Klein has consistently written commentary under different eponymous banners, including Sid Klein’s Daily Fax until 2001, and online through January 1, 2015 as the Sid Klein Global Strategy report.

A product of Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, Sid Klein then joined the securities industry as a financial advisor in 1982.

Including his US track record, the frequent accuracy and breadth of his work (Major Market Turning Points) led to broader coverage in both global television and print media. In Asia, Sid gained particular recognition for having forecasted and identified the peak of the Nikkei’s secular bull market in 1990, as well as its key cyclical lows of 1998 and 2003, all within a day or two.

His Japanese market commentary and timing at key turning points continued. As with New York in the 4th-quarter of 2007, the peak in the Shanghai Composite was forecast and identified, and with the same accuracy as 18 years earlier in Japan.

Sid Klein has perhaps made more prescient global forecasts and real-time identifications of peaks and troughs than the vast majority of publicly published sources, in the context of such a broad line of asset classes and markets, over so long a period of time.

Of course, the forecasts of major turning points have included the precious metals  and currencies, where, through the years, identification of inflection points have been as many and as critical as in the other asset classes or markets(see Major Turning Points page).

With respect to New York, precious metals, currencies, the Nikkei, Shanghai and asset allocation, numerous articles and testimonials plainly bear this out. Since January 2000, Mr. Klein has provided unsurpassed asset allocation, having been among the very first in the world to have reported on the now-obvious and ongoing global political and investment shifts of super-cycle proportion.
Concurrently, he has maintained that creativity would be and remain as much an asset as ever, in identifying value, security and opportunity.

This proved true through the major global bear and bull cycles about which Sid Klein had forewarned, and it will have again proved true as today’s post-2000 secular equity bear markets may violently resume at any moment.
Of the view that 2020 will include acceleration in the resumed precious metals bull market, Sid Klein remains secularly bullish on gold and silver, including select mining shares and indices. Simultaneously, he is secularly bearish on global equity markets, concerned that 2020 could involve a top-to-bottom decline of 10,000 points in the Dow Jones.

Sid Klein’s analyses, still available via public articles on leading online websites, may translate into creative investment strategies that explore different avenues for wealth creation and preservation, by way of investment solutions that are tailor-made to the investor’s needs during this period of dramatic wealth transference.

Sid’s work reflects 40 years of extensive experience in international markets. It is accompanied by a specialization in derivatives for today’s global strategists, to meet the needs posed by these demanding times.